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Pick me up is an illustrated poetry chapbook by Harriet Lee-Merrion and Anna Kiernan.

Exploring themes of birth and death, unrequited love and unfulfilled ambitions, this is the first collaboration between two minds set on delicately extracting the extraordinary from everyday life.

Pick me up and you will find the imagined ambitions of an eighteenth century artist’s wife, the yearnings of a war artist, and the ghost song of a schizophrenic chain smoker.

Pick me up and you will see a palimpsest of lines on a map overlaid on a nude and Japanese-influenced visual allusions to the Victorian secret language of flowers.

Published by Atlantic Press: www.atlanticpressbooks.com

Production features:
Atlantic Press commissions a new icon for every new title they publish. Each hand- finished edition of Pick me up features a belly band with embossed white lettering, while the cover title is indented in white on a white cover. Look out for Pick me up’s secret icons. Pick me up is a limited edition of 500.

Price: £9/$15
ISBN 9780957154926
Publication date: June 2014

‘How long have you been writing poetry? I like them in different ways. I think you have something.’
- Blake Morrison